Perv busted with over 10,000 pieces of women's underwear

A Chinese man was arrested after it was found that he had stolen over 10,000 pieces of women’s underwear over the last decade.


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JIUJIANG, CHINA — A particularly pervy panty pickpocket was busted by police and discovered to have over 10,000 pieces of women’s underwear in his factory dorm room.

The man was caught with his pants down when one of his victims spotted a pair of her own drawers that had been stolen hanging from a balcony on a factory dormitory close to her residence, the Shanghaiist reported.

Police then busted into the room and found 10 bags full of women’s unmentionables, in addition to boxes and cabinets filled to the brim with panties and bras.

The suspect, a man in his forties surnamed Xing, told police he had amassed his collection over the last decade, local Chinese media reported.

Apparently dude would grab a bunch of the undies and cuddle with them to help him fall asleep.
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