People with O blood type more likely to die from serious injury

A study in Japan found that O blood type people were more likely to die after sustaining serious injuries.


NSFW    TOKYO — People who have O blood type may be at higher risk of dying from serious injury, according to a study published in Critical Care on Tuesday.

Researchers in Japan looked at the medical records of 901 severe trauma patients who visited one of two emergency critical care centers in Japan from 2013 to 2016, according to the Telegraph.

They found patients with type O blood had a death rate of 28 percent, while the death rate of patients from other blood groups combined was 11 percent.
Lead researcher Dr. Waturu Takayama, from Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, said "recent studies suggest that blood type O could be a potential risk factor for hemorrhage."

People with blood type O have lower levels of the blood clotting protein known as von Willebrand Factor, vWF.

"Therefore, a lower vWF level is a possible explanation for the increase in mortality in patients with blood type O, as observed in this study," researchers wrote.
Since the study was conducted only in Japan, researchers suggested looking at results over different populations, as different countries tend to have different blood type distributions.
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