People caught on camera stealing toilet paper from public bathroom

And that's why people can't have nice things.


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YIBIN, CHINA — If you've ever been to a public bathroom in Asia, the availability of toilet paper is no laughing matter.
Often times the higher traffic restrooms are even less likely to provide T.P., which can leave your backside in a bit of a pickle.
And the bathrooms that do offer toilet paper also have their own unique problems, like this one in Yibin, China—people jacking all the free toilet paper.
Thanks to surveillance footage, workers were finally able to figure out why the dispenser was always empty.

Video posted to Miaopai apparently shows people in the building showing up around 5 a.m. to clear the toilet paper out.
The footage shows two different women and one man pull off separate TP heists, clearing the dispenser out.
One unlucky man then walks up to find him and his bowels are out of luck—OH CRAP.
Maybe instead of installing all those cameras to spy on people, China should just ROLL out more facial recognition toilet paper dispensers instead.
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