Patient raped in hospital bed while her boyfriend slept next to her!

A Taiwanese woman was raped by her ex-boyfriend three years ago in her hospital bed while her boyfriend slept nearby.


NSFW    A Taiwanese woman was raped in her hospital bed in 2011 by her ex-boyfriend. The woman had met her ex online, and the two dated for five years. They reportedly stayed in touch after breaking up.

Three years ago, when she was hospitalized for a broken foot from a car accident, her ex-boyfriend, whose family name is Chen, snuck into her hospital room during the night. Her current boyfriend, surnamed Hung, was sound asleep in the cot next to her.

Chen threatened his ex-girlfriend, saying he would slit her boyfriend’s throat and hurt her if she cried out. He then started kissing her and groping her breasts, and eventually raped her with his finger.

The terrible ordeal ended when Chen heard footsteps outside the hospital room and took off.

The victim then told her boyfriend about the incident. Hung was outraged and called the police. After being arrested, Chen, however, claimed that the victim asked him to kiss her.

The judge did not buy his story, and today sentenced him to 3 years and 10 months in jail.
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