Passenger spotted sleeping underneath plane seats in viral pic

A passenger on a flight was spotted sleeping in the craziest position ever — under his seat.


NSFW    THE WEIRD SKIES — We've all slept weird on planes, but this passenger's choice of sleeping position is nothing short of nuts.

Popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming posted a snap of an unidentified guy who took his quest for inflight shut-eye on a whole 'nother level. Literally — by relocating to the floor under his seat for a snooze.

There's really not enough bleach in the universe to cleanse that man of all the nasties lurking on that plane carpet. Toe jam, puke bits, even pee — if it's vile, you can bet it's on the floor.

Needless to say, folks were equal parts grossed out, morbidly curious, and kind of impressed. How DID the dude manage to tuck himself under there without getting flagged by a flight attendant?

Even more importantly, how did he get out during the stampede that is disembarking a plane? Is the dude awake, is he even alive?!

As of Monday night, 40 winks' photo has gotten nearly 10,000 likes, and been thoroughly Insta-shamed.

Still, Rip Van Winkle isn't the worst plane offender we've seen this century. Nothing brings out bad behavior, icky feet, and bodily fluids quite like a couple of hours in cattle class.
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