Passenger shares snap of crusty feet hanging over headrest

Thanks for flying the funky feet skies.


NSFW    THE FRIENDLY SKIES — An airline passenger posted a horrifyingly hilarious selfie of herself and a pair of stanky feet hanging over her headrest.

The image boarded Reddit last week with the caption, "This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane."

It has since taken off for some strange reason that we can't quite seem to put our foot on.

The photo shows an unidentified woman with someone's bare, slightly crusty, and dirty dogs resting conveniently on top of the headrest.
It's unclear what airline the funky feet photo was taken on, but it appears to be one that has seats.
Reddit users were quick to put their foot down in opposition to the appalling behavior with suggestions ranging from reasonable to hilarious.
But remember folks, next time you're flying, please keep your feet to yourself.
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