Parrot uses Alexa to shop on Amazon while owner is away

When the owner is away, this African grey parrot goes shopping on Amazon.


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BERKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM — A parrot who was once kicked out of the UK's National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary for his foul mouth is getting himself in trouble yet again.

WFLA reports that African Grey parrot Rocco now lives with his new owner Marion Wischnewski in Berkshire, where he's found a new partner in crime to run his mouth to, though in a different way.

Rocco reportedly learned how to use Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa, and has been using it to shop on Amazon while his owner is away.

The sneaky bird has ordered everything from strawberries and watermelon to ice cream, a kite and light bulbs.

Thanks to a parental lock, none of Rocco's attempted purchases have gone through.

But Wischnewski still has to check her account everyday to cancel whatever new things he's added to the shopping cart.

Rocco's love for Alexa goes beyond materialistic tendencies, though. He also likes asking the virtual assistant to tell him jokes or play his favorite Kings of Leon tunes.

And despite his naughty shopaholic ways, Wischnewski says the parrot has the sweetest personality.
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