Paris' plans for Eiffel Tower area revamp unveiled

The city of Paris is planning to create a garden for pedestrians around the Eiffel Tower.


NSFW    PARIS — The city of Paris has announced plans to revamp the area around the Eiffel Tower and turn it into a pedestrian-friendly garden.

The 72 million euro project was designed by London-based Gustafson Porter + Bowman, according to the Guardian.

The plans include, transforming the area's Trocadéro Gardens[ac][ad][ae] into a green amphitheater space for tourists.

According to French television network France 24, the Pont d'Iena[af][ag] bridge would be turned into a green walkway where pedestrians could walk or cycle across it. The bridge will also connect with gardens on opposite sides of the River Seine[ah][ai].

Private vehicles would be restricted, with only public and emergency transport allowed onto the bridge.

The second phase of construction, on the opposite side of the tower, will commence after the 2024 Olympics and is expected to be finished in 2030.
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