Paris gangster makes spectacular helicopter prison break

A notorious Paris gangster broke out of jail in the most dramatic way — with the help of three armed accomplices and a helicopter.


NSFW    REAU, FRANCE — A manhunt is underway in France after a convicted gangster broke out of jail- his second attempt since blasting his way out of a different prison in 2013.

AFP reports that on Sunday, three armed men took a flying instructor hostage, ordering him to fly a helicopter to a prison outside Paris where Redoine Faid was serving a 25-year robbery sentence.

The helicopter landed in the prison courtyard- the only area not protected by anti-aircraft netting, according to the BBC. Two of the men got out, while the third stayed to guard the pilot.

Angle grinders and smoke bombs were used to break Faid out of the visitors' room where he was waiting with his brother, and into the chopper.

The helicopter was found abandoned 60 kilometers from the prison. Faid and his accomplices had freed the pilot and boarded a getaway car, which was also later abandoned at a carpark.

Authorities have since arrested Faid's brother, and deployed over 3,000 police officers to locate the dangerous fugitive.
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