Parenting fail: Chinese couple puts crying baby inside locker so they go swimming

A couple in China have sparked public outrage for putting their crying baby inside a locker at a public bathhouse so they could go swimming.


NSFW    SOMEWHERE IN CHINA — A couple in China with an unusual approach to parenting caused public outrage when they put their crying baby inside a locker so they could go swim and relax.

The parents did not want to be bothered by the crying toddler while they went swimming, according to Chinese news sites Weibo and Kan Kan News. Either that, or they were too cheap to pay for a babysitter.

The parents came up with the perfect idea of putting their baby in a locker. Other swimmers later reportedly heard the young boy’s cries. A member of staff quickly responded to the scene and when she opened the locker, she was shocked to find the crying toddler trapped inside.

Video of the incident was uploaded online yesterday and has sparked public outrage. Many Chinese netizens criticized the parents for being careless, selfish and irresponsible. Others even speculated that the traumatic experience could make the baby claustrophobic in the future.
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