Paralyzed man's balls eaten by pet dog in Arkansas


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

A 39-year-old Trumann, Arkansas man who is paralyzed below the waist woke up Monday morning to find that one of his testicles had been eaten by a “small, white fluffy dog” that he had rescued from the street three weeks before. A "burning pain" in his mid-section is what woke the man up, and he looked down to see his new pet with blood on its muzzle and front feet, chewing on one of his testicles.

When the man looked closer, he found that the dog had actually chewed off and eaten one of his testicles. He said that he had never taken the dog to the doctor to get him checked out, so he wasn’t sure if it was vaccinated. When police took the canine to see the vet for the first time, it was also its last visit, as the doctor had to put it down.

The dog's head was later sent to the health department for testing to make sure it wasn’t infected with rabies.
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