Paraglider nails landing only to get nailed by attacking kangaroo

It happened in Australia, also known as the Florida Down Under.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — A paraglider in Australia—affectionately known as the Florida Down Under—was given a proper welcome by a couple of kangaroos.

In a hilarious clip posted to Twitter by SBS News, the high flyer is seen touching down after a two hour journey.
According to ITV News, Paraglider Dundee came down, sticking a nice landing in a national park, when he immediately gets greeted by two kangaroos.
The paraglider offers a friendly, "What's up skip?"
However, it's clear one of the kangaroos is in no mood for cheeky puns, so the joey pops him twice.
The marsupials then decided to get their hop on and bounce after messing with the paraglider.
What's even better, there was no phone reception in the Namadgi National Park, so dude had to pack up his paraglider and hoof it for several miles before he was able to call someone to come get him.
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