Pakistan Taliban kill 11 in tourist attack


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The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on foreign climbers over the weekend which left 11 people dead. The ten climbers and a guide were killed in the attack in a remote area near the base camp for the 8,125-metre snow-covered Nanga Parbat peak, a popular destination for adventurous trekkers, officials said.

According to Reuters, “gunmen stormed a hotel in a remote part of northern Pakistan on Sunday and killed the foreign tourists and a Pakistani guide near the foot of one of the world's tallest mountains,” police and security officials said. “The same group has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on members of Pakistan's Shi'ite Muslim minority, known as Shias, in northern Pakistan, including an ambush in February 2012 when gunmen shot 18 bus passengers by the roadside.”

“Gilgit-Baltistan, which borders China and Kashmir, had been considered one of the more secure areas of Pakistan, but has witnessed a spate of attacks by militants targeting members of Pakistan's Shi'ite minority in recent years.” The Pakistan Taliban said it carried out the attack in revenge for the death of its second in command in a US drone strike on May 29.
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