Pair who matched on Tinder 3 years ago but never met win trip for date

Upon posting their longstanding text conversation on Twitter, Tinder is now sending the to Kent State University students to Hawaii so they can finally go on their first date.


NSFW    KENT, OHIO — A couple of young 20-somethings who’ve held a long-standing conversation on Tinder without ever meeting in person have been offered a dream vacation by the dating app company as incentive to finally make their schedules work.

Kent State University students Josh Avsec, 22, and Michelle Arendas, 21, matched on Tinder back in September 2014, but have yet to meet up in real life. Interestingly enough, they have managed to keep an inside joke running between them ever since. When Josh first hit Michelle up, she didn’t get back to him for over two months! The explanation for her late response was that her phone had died. In turn, Josh then waited two months to send her a text back, and playfully explained that he’d been in the shower.

About a month later, Michelle got back to him, saying she’d been tied up in class. He texted back three months later, then she replied seven months later, and on and on this back and forth joke about having just missed each other went.

After nearly three years had passed, Josh posted their full exchange to Twitter last week for all the world to see. In adorable fashion, Michelle wasted no time for once and replied to his tweet only a couple hours later, while still keeping the joke going in the Twittersphere. Naturally, the internet totally swooned. Many have commented in awe of the pair’s obvious chemistry, and some are even calling for them to get married.

Recognizing a great social media marketing opportunity when they saw one, the folks at Twitter stepped in to help these two crazy kids finally bring their “busy” schedules together. Offered a free flight to the shared destination of their choice for their very first date, they two were given a 24-hour window to decide: they chose Maui.
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