Overheated mobile phone can't take it and explodes, destroying nice car

The owner accidentally left their mobile phone on the dash of the car and disaster ensues.


NSFW    TAIPEI, TAIWAN —This car was completely totalled after an exploding cell phone detonated inside and blew out the window shield and trashed the engine.

It’s summer and it’s hot.

The owners of this poor car left their mobile phone sitting on the dashboard and under the intense heat of a 92 degree Fahrenheit day the battery just couldn’t take it anymore.

A passerby contacted police when he noticed that there was smoke rising from the vents just above the hood of the car, but it was too late. By the time police and firemen arrived the mobile phone had already detonated and taken out of the front of the vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but authorities want to remind you not to leave your cell phone sitting on the dash of a hot car. The extra heat may cause warping and damage to the mobile battery and that could be the end of your phone and your car.

So remember, on hot days, take your cell phone, small children, and pets with you when you leave your car!
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