Ovary lump with teeth and hair found to be woman's twin

A woman who had a cyst on her ovary discovered it was actually her life-long twin that had teeth and hair.


NSFW    BURNTWOOD, STAFFORDSHIRE, U.K — A 23-year-old mum-of-two was shaken to find that a cyst on her ovaries was actually her very own twin, teeth and hair included.

Hannah Bridgewater from Burntwood, Staffordshire, now 29, was nine months pregnant with daughter Lexie at the time when she collapsed and was rushed into hospital.

The Sun reports that in 2012 doctors discovered a 'lemon-sized cyst' on her right ovary before unearthing remnants of teeth, hair, and nail that matched her DNA.

Initially, medics believed the body parts must have belonged to Lexie's twin, however, they soon realized they were too old for that to be true.

Doctors told Hannah that it must have been her own twin that she had been carrying around inside her before she was even born.

Hannah said, "it had always been there, they just never found it — Twins do run in my family, my aunties are twins and I also have twin cousins."
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