Outback Wrangler shows off monster crocodile catch

Some people complained when Outback Wrangler Matt Smith used duct tape to clamp a giant crocodile’s jaws shut.


NSFW    DARWIN, AUSTRALIA — Photos of a celebrity animal expert posing next to a gigantic crocodile have sparked debate online, with some complaining about how the beast was treated.

Chopper pilot Matt Wright posted the photos to Facebook on Saturday after tracking the croc down in Australia’s wild Northern Territory.

Wright is the star of the National Geographic show “Outback Wrangler”, but off screen he makes a living out of relocating dangerous problem animals, like crocs.

And with this monster weighing in at an estimated 1,700 pounds, it’s easy to imagine the kind of problems he could cause.

But some people complained Wright used too much duct tape to clamp the giant croc’s jaws shut.

Others defended the practice, saying the Outback Wrangler was keeping the community — and the croc — safe.

As one commenter pointed out, most crocs are relocated because they’ve previously clashed with humans or livestock. So if good people don’t relocate the croc, some redneck will just shoot it.

At least two people have been killed in Australia this year in suspected crocodile attacks.
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