Osaka woman filmed naked secretly for 3 months!


NSFW    31-year-old Mitsuhiro Terada is suspected of trespassing and was arrested this past Tuesday. He stands accused of going into a female colleague’s flat and setting up a hidden camera in the middle of the night on July 13th.

According to the Osaka prefectural police, in April, the suspect stole the victim’s house key from her purse and made a duplicate. He then set up a camcorder in a hidden place near the refrigerator. He broke into her flat several more times to replace the SD card in the camera.

Then, in July, the victim discovered the camcorder and immediately reported it to police. The suspect was later identified by security camera footage and he busted for perving.

He confessed to the charges during interrogation,admitting he had feelings for her so he couldn't resist the impulse to film her naked.
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