Orangutan tries to defend jungle home from bulldozer

An orangutan in Borneo was filmed trying to fight off heavy machinery that was trying to destroy its jungle home.


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WEST KALIMANTAN, INDONESIA — A heartbreaking video shows an orangutan in Indonesia desperately trying to stop humans from destroying its home.

The Independent reports that the footage was filmed in 2013 in Borneo's West Kalimantan, but only recently uploaded to Facebook by International Animal Rescue.

In the video, the orangutan can be seen frantically running across a fallen tree trunk toward a large excavator. It grabs at the excavator bucket with its bare hands, seemingly in an attempt to stop it from wreaking more havoc in the jungle.

When the machine moves, the animal fails to hang on, and instead tumbles off the trunk and onto the ground.

Two men from the animal charity can be seen running after the distressed primate, and appear to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart. The organization claims on their post that they managed to rescue the poor animal and bring it to safety.

Sadly, more and more habitats in Indonesia are being destroyed by loggers, leading to death and starvation in the orangutan population.

Unless we stop the madness and start rebuilding, our future will look much like Borneo's forests: gone.
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