Old railway to be transformed into green corridor in central Taiwan

An old railway track in central Taiwan will be transformed into a green corridor.


NSFW    TAIWAN — An old railway in central Taiwan will soon be designed into a public green space, reports Taiwan News.

Part of the old railway will be transformed into a mile-long partially elevated greenway, where people can stroll around.

The new green corridor will also include a bicycle lane.

Mecanoo, the architecture firm designing the project, explained there will also be a tree-lined river along the newly transformed green corridor.

Mecanoo said their goal is to "preserve the area's strong historic character" while giving new life to the old railway.

The firm plans to integrate gardens, playgrounds, parks etc into the green corridor, reports Inhabitant.

Local media reports the green corridor will be a space for leisure and recreational activities.

Reports from local media say the project is expected to start later this year and be completed by 2020.
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