Old man guns down neighbor's puppy because it was about to poop

A mean old man gunned down his neighbor’s cute little puppy because he thought it might poop.


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Otis McCulley, an 82-year-old man from Washington state, gunned down his neighbor’s puppy because it looked like it might poop in his crappy yard.

McCulley was arrested on animal cruelty charges after admitting to shooting a 10-year-old boy’s Australian shepherd named “Rowdy.”

Rowdy had gotten over to McCulley’s yard through a hole in the fence separating the properties on Dec. 23.

McCulley shot the puppy because Rowdy supposedly had already taken a leak in his yard and appeared like he was about to take a dump. McCulley has been charged in Benton County with animal cruelty. The prosecutors may add a weapons charge.

McCulley says that he has shot several other canines that have come onto his property in the past.

The old man was unapologetic when talking to the news. “I shot the f**king thing,” he said. McCulley told police that he shot Rowdy with a hollow point .22mm round.

Rowdy then ran home, leaving a trail of blood along the way. After the boy’s father discovered that the dog had been shot, he called his wife, Kathy Davis. He told her that Rowdy had a huge hole in his gut and was bleeding out.

Vets recovered the hollow point round from Rowdy’s colon, but he couldn’t be saved.

“There are so many different ways that this could have been dealt with. Rather than taking out a gun like that and shooting at our dog, our house, towards our family,” Davis said.

Davis said they plan to file a civil action suit against McCulley for killing their dog if he is not prosecuted.
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