Oklahoma tornado no match for Chinese restaurant fridge


NSFW    Oklahoma’s terrifying tornado was no match for Anita Zhang’s walk-in fridge at the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant .

Zhang opened the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant on Southwest 19th Street seven years ago when she moved from Guangdong province in China. Zhang and her brother Michael were able to find refuge inside the walk-in fridge while the rest of their restaurant was destroyed.

When a deadly tornado ripped through Oklahoma, residents had to everything they could to be safe. Including those who were at work when the EF5 tornado hit. Siblings Anita and Michael Zhang took refuge in the walk-in freezer of their family owned restaurant.

Anita initially thought the tornado was an earthquake because of how much the building was moving and shaking. Her brother Michael struggled to get out because of all of the debris, but when they did finally make it out, the restaurant was in shambles, everything was gone.

The tornado ripped through the north side of the street demolishing the Zhang’s restaurant. Had they built their restaurant a few hundred feet south, the outcome would have been starkly different.
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