Off-duty investigator saves pho joint patrons after gunman shoots it up

A Super Bowl viewing party at a Houston restaurant ended with a bang after a drunk man who lost a bet on Sunday’s big game opted to settle his debt with bullets.


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A Texas county investigator opened fire on a gunman at a southwest Houston restaurant after a Super Bowl-related argument between two patrons got out of hand Sunday night.

The incident started at around 10:45 p.m. at the Mien Tay Quan Restaurant, according to authorities.

The Harris County Attorney's Office said one of its investigators, who was dining at the venue, was asked by the restaurant owner to calm the two men down.

The investigator, Anthony Yet, reportedly escorted the two men out of the Vietnamese restaurant and went back inside thinking things had been settled.

Deputies say one of the men grabbed a gun, then began shooting into the building.

That’s when the gunman came through the door of the restaurant and Yet shot him.

When officials arrived, the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene, but luckily Yet was not injured.

The hero has been an investigator with HCAO since 2013 and a certified peace officer since 1992.

Customer Thomas Nguyen says he was inside the Mien Tay Quan restaurant when the incident occurred.

"They were drunk arguing about their bet about the superbowl and the officer kicked them out, " Nguyen told TomoNews.

Nguyen says Yet saved everyone in the restaurant by killing the drunk man who went too far.
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