Octopus sucks onto Chinese vlogger's face, won't let go

The Chinese woman was trying to eat the octopus alive, when the octopus had other plans.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

CHINA — A Chinese vlogger had to rock solid idea to film herself attempting to eat a live octopus, until the octopus threw its arms up in protest—all eight of them.

Apparently, Einstein shares videos over Chinese video sharing platform Kuaishou and regularly posts clips of herself jamming seafood down her pie hole.
In the clip on Kuaishou, the hilarious scene starts out with the octopus just hanging out on the woman's face.

But then when she tries to remove it, old Octopussy decides to stick around a bit longer.
She can be heard saying, "look how hard it's sucking."

As she continues to lose the tug of war, she tells the camera it's painful and that she can't remove it.

Unfortunately, the woman finally manages to get the octopus off her grill. She then tells her viewers that she'll eat the octopus in her next video.
We'll all keep our fingers crossed and hope the octopus makes it even harder for next time. Good luck little buddy.
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