Ocean Cleanup redesigns its plastic-catching barriers

The new device consists of a parachute to slow down the U-shaped barrier as it collects plastic from the sea.


NSFW    ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization developing technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, has launched the second version of its cleanup system.

The Ocean Cleanup has redesigned its cleanup system and added a parachute for the system to collect plastic waste at a more consistent speed.

In the new system, called System 001/B, the parachute will work to slow down the cleanup system and allow natural winds and waves to move plastic into the system. This is to prevent the plastic from floating out of the cleanup system.

According to the Ocean Cleanup, the previous system, called System 001, would sometimes travel faster than the plastic and sometimes travel slower than the plastic.

This means that the plastic would float into the cleanup system, only to float out again.

The system's plastic-collecting screen has also been moved forward to prevent fracturing to the system's floating barrier. The floats of the current cork line are 15 centimeters long and are used to hold the screen in place.

The company will add bigger floats to the cork line to increase its buoyancy. Each float will be 32 centimeters in diameter, according to the Ocean Cleanup's website. These are to be stacked on one another in order to prevent plastic from floating to the middle of the plastic-collecting screen and the floating barrier.

The company said on its website that the new cleanup system is ready and will soon be deployed to the oceans.
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