NYPD Officer Liu was just ‘filling in' when he was killed on duty

The selfless act was his last in a life he dedicated to public service in pursuit of ‘The American Dream’


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Officer Wenjian Liu was just pulling an extra shift, that fateful day when his life ended.

Officer Rafael Ramos’s usual partner was late coming into the station to go out on patrol, so he was paired up with Liu who volunteered for the extra duty that day.
Liu and Ramos were sitting in their patrol car later on that day when they were ambushed by a crazed gunman bent on killing cops.

Officer Liu arrived in the US with his family from Guangzhou, China on Christmas Eve in 1994. He lived in Brooklyn and graduated from Lafayette High School and attended College of Staten Island, where he majored in accounting. He most recently married Xia Pei Xia Chen and were just starting their life together.
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