Nursing home worker Snapchatted video of old couple fornicating

Do you like sweet old couples? Looks like Alexis Williams, aged 20, from St Petersburg Florida does!


NSFW    What the Freak?

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA — An ex-nursing home worker has been charged for filming two old people making whoopee.

Police say Alexis Williams secretly filmed a 59-year-old dude and an 81-year-old woman getting it on last August. She was charged this week for filming the elderly bang session and then posting it to Snapchat.

Williams was fired from her job at the Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility.

Someone who saw the boink tape tipped of the cops and when police asked Williams why she did it, she reportedly told them because she thought it’d be funny.

According to Bay News 9, investigators won’t say whether they have the video, but said their evidence includes a confession from Williams, Snapchat records and surveillance video
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