NRA National School Shield press conference supports guns in schools


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A National Rifle Association-funded task force introduced a set of proposed school safety measures on Tuesday known as the National School Shield.

The task force led by Asa Hutchinson, a former Drug Enforcement Administration chief, Republican congressman and Homeland Security Department official, introduced a 225 page proposal that recommended school personnel carry firearms in every school in the nation. The report made eight suggestions for school administrators, local, state and federal policymakers, and the NRA.

The task force recommended 40 to 60 hours of training, to be designed and carried out by the NRA, for armed security officers or staff members in each school. To go with that, the group proposed a "model" state law that would let certain personnel who have gone through this training to carry firearms on school grounds. Hutchinson added that he was not talking about the teachers in the schools, as the teachers should be teaching. What could possibly go wrong with having more guns in schools? Armed janitors MUST be part of the solution like the NRA says. But if that doesn't work, what will? More security? Or should we just start arming all the students as well?
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