North Korean "ghost boats" wash up on Japanese coasts

Local authorities say that 95 boats have washed up in Japan so far.


NSFW    TOKYO — "Ghost boats" presumed to be from North Korea have washed up on the coasts of Japan.

The Associated Press reports the number of ships has increased dramatically in recent years. One-third of these 'ghost boats' touch ground on the coasts of Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. Some are carrying dead bodies.

The North Korean boats might be travelling into farther and more dangerous waters in an attempt to reel in larger catches and increase sources of protein for the country. North Korea is struggling to provide its people with sustainable food sources.

The boats most likely cannot withstand rough seas due to their deteriorated states. Japanese coast guards say 95 boats have washed up in Japan so far this year, forcing them to increase security measures. The number is expected to rise and even surpass the 104 boats found last year.
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