North Korea unveils first Kim Jong Fatty official portrait

Looks like Fatty has been officially promoted to God status.


NSFW    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA — Pyongyang has unveiled what is believed to be the first official portrait of Kim Jong-un, thereby announcing his promotion to full on god.
While North Korea is literally littered with official portraits of his father and grandfather — Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Song — the young Kim was initially seen as just a successor rather than a leader.
But thanks to delightful 2018 that saw the young dictator meet with the world's biggest orange and North Korea's brethren down south, Kim has now officially reached Yeezy-status.
According to the BBC, the portrait, which features a smiling Kim in a suit and tie, was on display during a recent visit by Cuba's president.

According to NK News, the portraits are usually made by Pyongyang's Mansudae Arts Studio and are subject to strict regulations.
It appears with the new release of this official portrait that Tons of Fun's cult of personality is getting an upgrade.

At this rate, we may be lucky enough to see a second official portrait. The world waits in anticipation.
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