North Korea stole $ 2bn in cyberattacks to fund its nukes

The report says that North Korea could be using the money to fund its weapons program.


NSFW    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA — North Korea has conducted cyberattacks to steal an estimated US$2 billion to fund its nuclear weapons program, Reuters reports, citing a confidential U.N. report.

The report says North Korea continued to strengthen its weapons program over the past six months, even though they have not conducted any nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

According to Reuters, experts said North Korean hackers used "sophisticated attacks" to target financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges to generate income.

The U.N. was investigating at least 35 cyberattacks by North Korean military intelligence in approximately 17 countries. Experts are also investigating whether North Korea took part in cryptocurrency mining activities to earn money.

North Korea has recently been in the news for launching projectiles into the Sea of Japan four times in a span of two weeks. The country has said the consecutive missile launches are a warning against the U.S. and South Korea for carrying out joint military exercises, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Reuters says that the U.N. report was completed before North Korea's missile launches last week.
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