North Korea starts testing a new nuclear reactor

North Korea's new nuclear reactor may be coming online and could become a critical issue during upcoming talks between Kim and Trump.


NSFW    YONGBYON, NORTH KOREA — Denuclearization is on the agenda for the Kim-Trump playdate. But meantime, the North's has a new reactor its itching to test.

A newly finished nuclear reactor in North Korea's Yongbyon complex has reportedly come online, after satellite images show its smokestack releasing emissions.

The North claims the reactor is meant to produce electricity for civilians, since it has the potential to create enough megawatts to power a small town.

Experts point out that the nuclear reactor can also be used to create 20 kilograms of plutonium a year to power its nuclear weapons.

To achieve complete denuclearization, the U.S. will have to persuade the North Koreans to give up not just their arsenal, but also facilities that produce nuclear fuel.

Good luck and godspeed to that.
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