North Korea may be behind Coincheck cryptocurrency heist

South Korea's intelligence agency has said it's possible North Korean hackers are behind the Coincheck theft in Japan — the world's biggest cryptocurrency heist to date.


NSFW    SEOUL — Someone managed to pull off the world's biggest cryptocurrency heist last month, and surprise, surprise, the North Koreans might be involved.

Reuters reports that on January 26, $530 million worth of virtual coins were stolen from Tokyo cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, affecting 260,000 customers.

South Korea's National Intelligence Agency told lawmakers on Monday that it's possible North Korean hackers are behind the theft.

It probably isn't the reclusive regime's first crypto crime either, as they're believed to have masterminded quite a number of attacks in recent years, according to Bloomberg.

UN Sanctions blocking the North's exports have led to a trade deficit, and experts believe the pariah state is turning to cryptocurrency to get cash.

Pyongyang hackers had previously targeted the South's cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017, reportedly stealing 26 billion won through malicious codes in emails and bogus forms.

South Korea currently has no evidence to prove the North's involvement, but is now working with international authorities to look into the incident.
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