North Korea accidentally blew up one of its cities with a missile

North Korea is known for its deadly missiles, just as the people of Tokchon.


NSFW    PYONGYANG — North Korea fabulously blew up one of its own urban cities by accident during one of its ballistic missile tests last year.

According to the Diplomat, last April when Kim Jong-Un shot off a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile, it couldn't even deliver a short-range.
Instead it crashed in the city of Tokchon, located about two hours from Pyongyang.
Everyone in the world at the time knew the test was a failure, they just didn't know how spectacularly.
The missile was launched from North Korea's Pukchang Airfield, but things then went immediately south as the it flew 24 miles to the northeast blowing up industrial or agricultural facilities in Tokchon.
In the meantime while North Korea is busy annihilating itself, what's Orangina doing? Bragging about the size of his bigly button.
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