Nigerian man trapped in air bubble for two days underwater


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A Nigerian man, Harrison Okene, 29, survived for two days trapped under water after the boat he was on capsized and sank 30 km off the coast of Nigeria.

Okene, who works as a cook, was in the bathroom when the Jascon-4 tugboat he was aboard began taking on water. The boat, which had 12 people on board, had been stabilising an oil tanker at a Chevron platform. As the boat overturned, Okene was swept by the water rushing into another bathroom adjoining an officer’s cabin, leaving him with only a four-foot high air pocket from which to breathe.

Okene survived in the dark for about two days before he heard banging coming from outside the tugboat. He found a filter from a water dispenser and used it to bang on the side of the vessel to make his location known. Soon after, he saw the lights from a rescue diver’s flashlight approaching.

Okene was fitted with an oxygen mask, a diver’s suit and helmet and brought to the surface. He remained in a decompression room for another 60 hours to normalize the pressure in his body.
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