Nicole Kidman run down NYC by paparazzo Carl Wu on bicycle


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Nicole Kidman got run down by paparazzo Carl Wu, who was riding a bicycle in front of the Carlyle Hotel yesterday in New York. The Australian Academy Award winner was on her way back from the hotel after attending the Calvin Klein show at New York Fashion Week. The star of Moulin Rouge!, The Hours, Eyes Wide Shut and the soon-to-be released The Railway Man, sat just one seat away from Vogue editor Anna Wintour, with whom she was seen chatting playfully.

Wu, a teenage celebrity chaser and paparazzo, was on his bike and headed straight for the fashion-savvy star, who was wearing a cream-colored sleeveless dress that was cut close to her curves. Some reports say Wu attempted to hit the brakes on his cherry-red Specialized, but clearly there was some kind of failure because he ploughed right into Kidman, knocking her down onto the carpeted entrance of the Carlyle and sending her expensive-looking heels flying.

Kidman was not impressed, and one can only imagine the kerfuffle that followed, as doormen and someone who appears to be an assistant helped to right the pale 40-something. Reports say she was furious and had the police called.

During this time, if the photographs taken of the scene are any indication of what went down, Wu remained entangled in his bicycle on the sidewalk, looking gobsmacked.

The police eventually took Wu, but in the end only fined him for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Kidman, however, will press charges against him, presumably for assault, reckless endangerment, or hopefully for wearing that atrocious orange bandana he had tied around his head at the time.

It must be noted that the young Wu is no stranger to celebrity violence. Though we cannot confirm his identity in it, a YouTube video posted on a channel called RealGTVPaparazzi shows a young man called Carl who suffered a black eye administered, he alleges, by Rihanna’s bodyguard after the then 14-year-old chased the pop star down. Wu also made headlines after getting beat up by Lady Gaga’s strong arms. That incident upset someone enough to create a Tumblr blog called F**k You Carl Wu.
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