Nickelodeon slime will soon be oozing its way to space

Nickelodeon slime will soon be heading to the International Space Station.


NSFW    SPACE — After decades of sliming people on national TV and award stages, Nickelodeon's iconic green goo is about to ooze its way into space.

According to CNN, the slime will be heading up to the International Space Station on a SpaceX Dragon capsule on Wednesday...along with other, less gooey things.

90's kids know all too well how fun it was to see losers on Nickelodeon game shows get drenched in a bucket of the stuff. It's probably twice as fun to watch in space.

The network says the plan is to slime a couple of astronauts, and then do a couple of experiments. Fancy playing ping-pong with a slime ball? Tossing slime-filled balloons? Making green goo bubbles?

Sadly, it's not all fun and games. Nick claims its other purpose is to see how a non-Newtonian fluid behaves in microgravity. Basically, they're trying to educate the children.

Which, ok, you do that. Meanwhile, us grownups will be over here eagerly anticipating a space slime-ing.

Let's just hope the stuff doesn't come to life.
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