NFL referee lockout bloopers ruining 2012-2013 NFL season


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The NFL has locked out its regular referees due to a labor dispute and brought in incompetent replacements. Football fans are furious over the needless extra penalties and botched calls, some of which have altered the outcomes of games.
On Monday night, the replacement refs were responsible for the worst call in the history of the National Football League. Green Bay Packers safety M.D. Jennings clearly intercepted a Hail Mary pass by Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson in the end zone as time expired in the Packers' game against the Seahawks. Interception = Green Bay wins. But Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate reached around Jennings and put his hands on the ball, and the replacement refs gave him a touchdown and Seattle won the game.
At the heart of the impasse between the NFL and its referees is the league's desire to replace their current pension with a less stable 401(k)-style plan. Other issues include the ref's desire for a wage increase twice that of the NFL's proposal and the NFL's plan to increase the number of officiating crews from 17 to 20.
To replace the striking refs, the National Football League has brought in scabs from the Arena Football League, United Football League and of all places the Lingerie Football League. The Lingerie Football League has since fired those of its refs working for the NFL for incompetence.
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