New York police shoot stabbing suspect in Brooklyn synagogue

The suspect reportedly asked for a copy of the Bible and then left, before returning and stabbing an Israeli yeshiva student.


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New York police shot and killed a man after he allegedly stabbed an Israeli student inside a Brooklyn synagogue.

The attack took place after suspect Calvin Peters, 49, allegedly entered the basement of the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, according to the New York Post.

Peters reportedly asked for a copy of the Bible and briefly walked out of the synagogue. He then returned and stabbed an Israeli man in the side of the head, the New York Post reported.

The victim, who suffered light to moderate wounds, ran outside after the stabbing and was treated at the scene before being transferred to hospital. The Jerusalem Post identified the man as 22-year-old Levi Yitzchok ben Raizel of Betar Illit.

In footage filmed on a cell phone and posted on YouTube, a police officer can be seen confronting Peters and ordering him to drop his knife. Peters was shot after he refused to drop his knife after several warnings. He died of his wounds at Kings County HospitaNewl, the New York Post reported.

Haaretz reported that a Chabad spokesman in Israel told Army Radio that the attack was not terror-related.
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