New UK treatment combats strokes by treating clots with 3-foot wire

The treatment could save thousands of lives.


NSFW    LONDON — New medical technology implemented by British health authorities could save thousands of stroke victims from disability and death.

A stroke generally occurs when blood flow to part of the brain is blocked by a clot in a vein. The treatment, known as a mechanical thrombectomy, involves a 3-foot-long wire being inserted into the patient’s groin and maneuvered to the clot’s location, reported the Guardian. Once there, the wire deploys a stent that traps the clot and relieves the blockage.

“Thrombectomy is a real game changer which can save lives and reduce the chances of someone being severely disabled after a stroke”, explained Juliet Bouverie, chief executive at UK-based charity Stroke Association.

The treatment was only initially available in a handful of hospitals, but is now being rolled out across England.
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