New self-sufficient superyacht to run on wind turbines

A French designer has revealed designs of his newest eco-friendly yacht creation.


NSFW    FRANCE — French designer Mathis Ruhl has revealed designs of a new superyacht, called the "Wind Motion 70T."

According to Ruhl's website, the yacht is expected to be 70 meters long. Its rig features an updated version of the rotating twin mast concept, which results in higher aerodynamic efficiency.

Hydraulic wind turbines unfold from the sails to recharge the batteries when resting at anchor, eliminating the need to return to land to refuel.

The eco-friendly vessel will be able to cruise at speeds of up to 23 miles per hour, and will also feature a foredeck and alfresco areas.

Ruhl has revealed details of a larger version of the yacht, but has yet to reveal how much each one costs, and when it will be available.
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