New recluse spider species discovered in Mexico

The spider likes to hide in tight spots and packs a venomous bite.


NSFW    MEXICO CITY — Biologists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico said they have discovered a new species of recluse spiders named Loxosceles tenochtitlan in Mexico Valley.

Quoting a researcher, El Universal reports that the spider has a distinctive dark brown coloring and a clear violin pattern on its dorsal section.

According to the university's press release, the spider is set apart from other recluse spiders by its sensing appendages and sexual organs of its females.

The spider also possesses a venomous bite that it utilizes as a defense mechanism.

The bite causes a blue-purple ulcer on the victim that could be hard to identify clinically because it is not painful and symptoms could be confused with a common rash or infection.

Biologist Valdez-Mondragon told El Universal that the spider lives in urban homes because the environment provides suitable humidity, heat and prey.

The spider favors hiding in tight spots and eats cockroaches, so they could be encountered in trash cans.
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