New Hampshire man bites police dog, dog bites back

A New Hampshire suspect made the mistake of biting a K9 on the head, and probably regretted it after getting bit right back.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

BOSCAWEN, NEW HAMPSHIRE — A New Hampshire man bit a police dog while resisting arrest, and let's just say it didn't end well.

Fox News reports that state troopers responding to a shooting incident had managed to detain three people, before being told a fourth one was hiding in a trailer on the property.

The suspect ignored repeated commands to surrender, prompting the homeowner to break a glass door to gain entry.

K9 Veda entered the trailer while the suspect was trying to hide under some clothes. After kicking and punching the dog and troopers, he got Veda in a chokehold and bit her on the head.

The dog didn't like that one bit, and promptly returned the favor. Troopers tasered the suspect and finally brought him in.

Veda has been cleared medically and is back on the job. Can't say the same for the perp, who really should've known better than to out-bite a trained K9.
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