New flying taxi powered by hydrogen produces zero emissions

Alaka'i Technologies developed a new aircraft called Skai that runs on hydrogen fuel cells.


NSFW    HOPKINTON, MASSACHUSETTS — Massachusetts-based Alaka'i Technologies has developed a hydrogen-powered air vehicle called Skai that uses six rotors and performs vertical takeoffs and landings.

The aircraft also sports an airframe parachute in case if several of its props fail.

According to the company's website, Skai has a range of 400 miles and will be able to remain airborne for approximately four hours. It has a capacity of five passengers, including the captain.

Skai will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only pure water, according to Skai's project page.

Hydrogen fuel cells consists of compressed hydrogen which reacts with an oxidizing agent such as oxygen to create energy. These cells have a greater weight-energy density than batteries and fossil fuels.

The aircraft will initially be piloted. However, the company said it is looking into remote or autonomous options.

Reuters reports the company is currently waiting to receive certification from Federal Aviation Administration.

Steve Hanvey, the CEO of Alaka'i Technologies, told Reuters that they expect to receive certification by the end of 2020. He added that they plan to start selling the aircraft in the beginning of 2021.

The company has yet to announce the price of the aircraft.
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