New Denmark skyscraper will be the tallest in western Europe

The new skyscraper is to be located in the small Danish town of Brande.


NSFW    BRANDE, DENMARK — The Danish town of Brande [m] is to get a brand new skyscraper designed by architectural firm Dorte Mandrup[n][o][p], reports the Guardian.

The project is being helmed by Bestseller, a fashion brand that was founded in the town of Brande.

The Tower and Village skyscraper in Denmark will be the tallest building in western Europe once it is complete, The Guardian reports.

The 320-meter skyscraper will be taller than London's Shard skyscraper by 10.4 meters. That building is currently western Europe's tallest building.

The building will oversee the town, providing a view of the countryside.

At the base of the skyscraper, low to mid rise buildings with green roofs will also be included.

In a news release from Bestseller, the project's manager Anders Krogh said the skyscraper would "place Brande on the map."

He added that the building would also serve as an architectural attraction.
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