New AI tech can 'read' your expressions

New technology developed by US-based company Affectiva, allows AI to scan your face and "read" your emotions


NSFW    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — New tech developed by a US-based AI company can scan your face and read your emotions.

Affectiva has developed emotional detection technology that can be used to translate human facial expressions. This technology uses two main techniques: computer vision and supervised learning, The Guardian reports.

Computer vision is used to clearly identify facial expressions while supervised learning is used to train the algorithm to recognize expressions it has already seen.

The company has already gathered data from 7.5 million faces in 87 countries, according to Affectiva's website.

The company uses EMFACS or Emotion Facial Action Coding System to recognize facial expressions such as a scowling face for anger or a smiling face for happiness.

The Guardian quotes Meredith Whittaker, from the research institute AI Now, as saying that recruiting companies and schools are already using this technique to assess facial expressions of candidates or students.

She added that the technology could harm an individual if the analysis isn't completely accurate.
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