Netflix wants everyone to stop thirsting after Ted Bundy

There's thousands of hot dudes on Netflix who aren't literal lady killers.


NSFW    TWITTER — CNN reports that the release of two projects on notorious serial killer Ted Bundy has put him firmly back on people's minds...among other places.

A docuseries on the Ted Bundy tapes recently dropped on Netflix, but instead of being repulsed, folks are thirsting after the murderer because of how hot he is.

Adding fuel to this demented fire is the fact that an upcoming film has Bundy being played by heartthrob Zac Efron.

Yeah, sure, there's rarely logic in desire, but Ted Bundy? Hot? Sure, maybe in the electric chair he went kaput in.

According to GQ, it's all gotten so bad that a horrified Netflix has had to address the disturbing phenomenon via Twitter in an effort to slap some sense into viewers.

The streaming service basically pointed out that there are thousands of other hot Netflix dudes to fawn over who aren't convicted serial murderers.

No one's denying the guy's charms and good looks, because that was his whole facade. But let's not forget he was a necrophiliac, rapist, and literal lady killer responsible for the deaths of over 30 women.

Think about that for a hot second before you fantasize about calling him "daddy."
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