Nearly 50lbs of plastic found inside dead sperm whale

A pregnant whale that washed ashore the Italian island of Sardinia was found to have plastic bags, fishing nets in its stomach.


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SARDINIA, ITALY — A dead sperm whale washed up on the Italian island of Sardinia, where it was found to have 48 pounds of plastic in its stomach, reports CNN.

Luca Bittau, president of marine life non-profit SEAME Sardinia, told CNN that garbage bags, fishing nets, tubes and even a bag of washing machine liquid was found in the whale's stomach.

The whale was pregnant and was carrying a dead fetus, according to CNN. Bittau explained that the whale had "almost certainly" aborted her fetus before beaching.

He said that examinations would be carried out on the whale to determine its exact cause of death. Italian environment minister Sergio Costo reacted in a Facebook post saying that "Are there still people that say that these are not important problems?"

He added that he believes this issue takes priority.
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