NASA wants to put antennas on the far side of the moon

NASA make plans for lunar antennas to spy for habitable planets in outer space.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Space researchers have proposed building a network of radio antennas on the far side of the moon, according to a NASA funded report.

NASA says that the array—named the Farside antennas—will allow the agency to monitor the closest stellar systems more easily.

The paper's lead authors professors Jack Burns and Gregg Hallinan suggest deploying 128 antennas by using a lunar rover.

The antennas will be tethered to a base station that supplies central data processing, power and communications across the array's 10 kilometer span.

The Farside base then will use NASA's proposed Gateway Station to transmit signals back to Earth.

Habitable exoplanets closest to the solar system would possess magnetospheres that the antennas will be able to detect from the moon's far side, where there is limited sky noise.

The study states that the antennas could also sound the moon's subsurface.
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