NASA to use Starshade technology to hunt for new exoplanets

The U.S. space agency is currently building the Starshade as part of a future mission.


NSFW    SPACE — NASA has announced plans to use starshade technology to search for new planets beyond our solar system.

Two spacecraft would be used in a future starshade mission, according to the space agency's website.

One would be a space telescope that would look for planets while the other probe would be carrying the starshade.

NASA said the starshade technology would be used to block starlight. This would allow the telescope to get a clear view of any new orbiting planets in space.

The spacecraft carrying the starshade would fly 40,000 kilometers in front of the planet-hunting telescope.

NASA explained that this technology would only work if the two spacecraft stay are aligned to within one meter of each other. If there is a greater distance between the two, this would allow light from star to seep into the space telescope's view.
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